Park Systems Announces Online Special Edition
“2020 NanoScientific Symposium Asia”

Sponsored by Physics World & NWA

Park Systems and NanoScientific Publications announce NanoScientific Symposium Asia, which will be held virtually on Nov. 24-25, 2020. The event is for nanoscience researchers and scientists to learn about the latest studies being formed using SPM and is sponsored by Physics World and Nanotechnology World Association.

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The Nanotechnology World Association (NWA) was created to help accelerate the integration of nanotechnologies in various industries — such as medical, energy, electronics, transportation and materials — by providing information, resources and tools, by connecting researchers and organizations, and by fostering knowledge sharing and cooperation.NanoTechnology World Association is a global community, encouraging collaboration and investment in nanotech innovation. We support networking, partnering, and educational opportunities to promote progressive thinking across the world. The Nanotechnology World Association has a vast network of over 100 K individuals and organizations who are leading the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of nanotechnology worldwide. For more information, go to: